As employers we are responsible for ensuring that the proper information is available for our employees throughout their work shifts. Today we will be discussing information specific to employees who work in pesticide treated fields, and those who handle and apply pesticides to fields. I’ll begin by quoting a section of a brochure produced by the California Department of Pesticide Regulations. 

“California’s worker safety regulations specify safe work practices for employees who handle pesticides or work in treated fields (fieldworkers, early-entry fieldworkers) this booklet summarizes your responsibilities as an employer to properly display certain required information about pesticides at a central location, whenever employees are handling pesticides or working in treated fields on your property”. 

Now having a fully compliant Display will not replace the need to follow other safety requirements such as having product labels, SDS’s, and emergency medical care information available in field during applications. It does however increase the visibility and availability of pertinent safety information to all workers who could be affected. It may also be helpful to note that this is not the same as an employee notice board which may display state and federal labor laws as well as other information.  

Now let’s look at some details as far as what is required when displaying required information.  

Location - You must fill out and display in a  

  • easily seen central location where employees start their workday 

  • at the worksite 

  • or at a central location if they gather there before transportation to the worksite. 

Information – Safety Rules for Pesticide Handlers on Farms (PSIS leaflet A-8) for production agriculture and/or Safety Rules for Pesticide Handlers in Non-Agricultural settings (PSIS leaflet A-8) for all other situations before employees are allowed to handle pesticides. 

            Whenever employees are working in a treated field you would need to post the PSIS A-9 leaflet 

Perhaps most important would be displaying Application-Specific Information (ASID) which must be posted within 24 hours of a completed application or when a completion notice is received for a commercial or research production of an agricultural plant commodity: this information must include 

  • Crop or site treated and identification of the treated area. 

  • Application start and end time(s) and date(s). 

  • Restricted entry interval(s) (REI’s) 

  • Pesticide product name(s) and California registrations number(s), if applicable. 

  • Copy of Safety Data Sheets for pesticides applied. 

  • Retain for 2 years 

Note: This information must remain displayed until the area no longer meets the definition of a “treated field” or handler employees or fieldworkers will no longer be on the operator’s property, whichever comes first. 

            More information can be found at the DPR website or by contacting us at our office. 

As we close this week a few things you may want to consider as you prepare to update your displays, 

  • Where is a good central location where all employees have access at the start of their workday? 

  • Have you updated your pesticide inventory list so that you are able to ensure you have all safety documents you may need when using products i.e. SDS’, Labels, Emergency Hotline numbers and EPA#? 

  • Have you employees been trained per new regulations and requirements? 

  • And do you have a Great Safety team who can provide Top Quality Service, and assist you in your efforts to achieve or stay compliant? 

California Safety Training Corporation has been delivering service to Kern County and the surrounding areas for over 33 years, please contact us if you have any questions regarding today's blog, and as always be sure to have a Great and Safe Day.