Cal/OSHA Proposed Indoor Heat Illness Prevention Standard

California is known for its warm and sunny weather, which can pose a risk for heat illness. Heat illness does not only affect those employees working outdoors under the California sun, it can also affect those indoors, especially during heat waves or in buildings without proper ventilation or air conditioning.

Cal/OSHA has officially proposed an indoor heat illness prevention standard to protect workers from heat-related illnesses in indoor workplaces. This standard would apply to all indoor work areas where the temperature equals or exceeds 82 degrees Fahrenheit when employees are present.

Employers would be required to implements measures to protect workers from heat illness indoors including:

  • Providing access to drinking water, access to cool down areas, and preventative cool down rest periods.
  • Implementing an indoor heat illness prevention program in addition to an outdoor heat illness prevention program (title 8: §3395)
  • Monitoring weather conditions and adjusting work practices as needed.
  • Implementing engineering or administrative controls to reduce heat exposure, such as providing air conditioning or ventilation systems.
  • Training.

In addition, the standard could require employers to provide additional protections for employees working in high-heat areas or under high-heat conditions, including implementing a more comprehensive heat illness prevention plan, conducting pre-shift meetings and monitoring employees for signs of heat illness.

You may read the draft regulation here:  The Public Hearing is May 18, 2023.


For more information and to review your current Heat Illness Prevention Program in accordance with title 8: §3395 contact CSTC at 661-377-8300.