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Tractor ROPS Labeling

Posted by Terra Laverty
15 Feb 2022 06:31 PM

Tractor accidents on farms cause the highest number of fatalities. Tractor turnovers accounting for 44 % of all tractor fatalities. Roll-Over Protective Structures (ROPS) provide a safer environment for the tractor operator in the event of a rollover. Per CCR T8 §3651, where a recognized hazard exists, operator protection from falling or rolling objects shall be provided by either ROPS or other independent means compatible with the use of ROPS.

ROPS must also bear a label, the labeling must include the following information:


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(1) Manufacturer's or fabricator's name and address;

(2) ROPS model number, if any;

(3) Tractor makes, models, or series numbers

that the structure is designed to fit;

(4) A statement of compliance with the appropriate

ASAE Standard or SAE Recommended Practice;

Labels shall be stamped plates or other permanently attached means of identification, and shall not be obscured, obliterated, or changed. CCR T8 §3651(d)(1-4)

In addition to proper labeling, remember operators must always wear their seatbelt when operating equipment where rollover protection is installed.

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Tractor Mounted Personnel Transport Carriers or PTCs

Posted by CSTC Staff
12 Apr 2018 10:10 PM

They are now recognized as Tractor Mounted Personnel Transport Carriers or PTCs (as referred to by Cal/OSHA) but have gone by many names. Whether you call it a tractor basket, personnel transport platform or any variation of these, you have probably seen one in use as they have long been assisting workers on the farm as a transportation device.
Typically used for transporting workers in field irrigation operations, these devices had safely and successfully been employed for many years without issue as there was no specific regulations governing their use. Beginning in 2010 there were varying opinions on the part of Cal/OSHA regarding the legal use of these devices. That is until 2012 when they were in violation of Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR) section 3441(a)(2)(B), which prohibits "riders on agricultural equipment other than persons required for instruction or assistance in machine operation."

Agricultural and Industrial tractors

Posted by CSTC Staff
29 Mar 2018 08:00 AM

Tractor and Baler working hard in the fieldAgricultural and Industrial tractors have long been the back bone of farm work. Whether used for food ag or other industrial purposes tractors have held the top spot as the most used piece of farming equipment. While there is no denying the many benefits of tractors, and the roll they play in today’s agriculture and farming industries, we must not forget the need for careful considerations with regards to safety while operating these powerful machines