Tractor accidents on farms cause the highest number of fatalities. Tractor turnovers accounting for 44 % of all tractor fatalities. Roll-Over Protective Structures (ROPS) provide a safer environment for the tractor operator in the event of a rollover. Per CCR T8 §3651, where a recognized hazard exists, operator protection from falling or rolling objects shall be provided by either ROPS or other independent means compatible with the use of ROPS.

ROPS must also bear a label, the labeling must include the following information:


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(1) Manufacturer's or fabricator's name and address;

(2) ROPS model number, if any;

(3) Tractor makes, models, or series numbers

that the structure is designed to fit;

(4) A statement of compliance with the appropriate

ASAE Standard or SAE Recommended Practice;

Labels shall be stamped plates or other permanently attached means of identification, and shall not be obscured, obliterated, or changed. CCR T8 §3651(d)(1-4)

In addition to proper labeling, remember operators must always wear their seatbelt when operating equipment where rollover protection is installed.

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