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As CSTC has grown, we have remained a family-oriented business. Our founder, Ben III, remains highly involved in the everyday operations of the company as Chief Executive Officer. Ben’s eldest son, Ben IV, is now our Chief Operations Officer and Ben’s daughter Terra, Chief Financial Officer. You will find Ben III, Ben IV, and Terra not only in the office but also conducting inspections and teaching classes in the field. We believe in working TOGETHER!

Ben W. Laverty III, Ph.D., REPA,Ben W. Laverty III CEI, CSP
President & Chief Executive Officer

Ben founded California Safety Training Corporation (CSTC) in 1985 and currently serves as President and CEO of California Safety Training Corporation. He holds a Ph.D. and an M.S. in Environmental Safety and Health as well as a Bachelor of Science in Horticulture and Agronomy. Ben is a Certified Environmental Inspector (CEI), a Cal-EPA Registered Environmental Property Assessor (REPA), certified by US-EPA for Federal WPS training. He is certified by OSHA Institute for Confined Space Training, a Lifetime Accredited Agricultural Appraiser, a Building Inspection, and Management Planning for Asbestos AHERA Certified, a Board Certified Forensic Examiner, and a Certified Safety Professional.

Ben developed the New Employee Orientation Program and the idea of "Cross Compliance Training Programs"®. Ben has been a speaker at the National Safety Council's Annual Meeting, the National Institute for Farm Safety Annual Meeting, the Pacific Gas and Electric Annual Safety Kickoff, and the Agricultural Personnel Management Association Annual Meeting. He is committed to corporate organization and direction and is active in all phases of the company operations including bilingual training, accident investigations, expert witness testimonies, Phase I, Environmental Assessments, marketing, writing and revising course curriculum, etc.


Ben W. LavertyBen W. Laverty, IV, CSP, QAL, WFR
Chief Operations Officer

Ben IV grew up playing sports and working in farming with his father Ben III. After High School, he served a 2-year mission in Australia, attended Cal-Poly San Luis Obispo and graduated with a degree in Agricultural Business in 1995. In 1999, Ben received his multiple subject teaching credentials from the State of California and taught elementary school for 6 years. He has 3 daughters with his lovely wife, Kathy. Ben still loves to teach and enjoys sports including hiking, swimming, climbing, surfing and many other adventures with his family.

Working Full Time at California Safety Training Corporation since 2005, Ben is the COO. As the COO, Ben’s focus is the establishment and optimization of day to day operations at CSTC including: strategic business planning and resource allocation, establishing operational processes/quality control, etc. Ben’s mission is to help people and companies work safely and efficiently, “Assist all people working and playing safely regardless of background, education, history or opportunities. Do all good things possible and do not harm.” He also performs safety training classes weekly, subject matter expertise in Fall Protection, program audits and safety inspections performed in agricultural, construction and oilfield settings and acts as Employer representative for a variety of clients in the OSHA appeals process.


Terra LavertyTerra Laverty Haehn, MA, CSP, ASP, OHST, QAC
Chief Financial Officer

Terra has grown up with CSTC. As soon as she was able to work she jumped in. She started as the janitor and is now the Chief Financial Officer. Terra attended Cal State University of Bakersfield and graduated with a degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Business in 2000.

Terra received her multiple subject teaching credential from the State of California in 2001 and taught elementary school for 10 years. In 2009, Terra received her M.A. from California State University, Bakersfield. Terra thrives on using her education and skills of teaching in presenting classes and in curriculum development. Terra is now solely dedicated to CSTC and enjoys the dynamics and her many roles.

Terra supports and oversees the accounting department, works to improve efficiency and quality in our programs and curriculum. She teaches many classes including CPR/First Aid and Forklift Safety. In addition, Terra is intricately involved in representing our clients with OSHA. Terra also oversees and works diligently with our IT team developing new, improving and managing our systems.


Cortney MillerCortney Miller
Accounting / Office Manager

Cortney is the Office Manager and Bookkeeper for CSTC. Her duties include Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, Billing, Collections and Human Resources. With almost 10 years of experience as a bookkeeper in a variety of industries, she is a great asset to our CSTC family and dedicates herself to the efficiency and growth of our company.



Jennifer Vernon WaffordJennifer Vernon
Client Relations Manager / Safety Program Coordinator

Jennifer has been with CSTC since 1996 and serves as the Client Relations Manager. Jennifer oversees a wide variety of operations and she is directly responsible for corporate scheduling and the tracking of calendar appointments. Jennifer also ensures that all class-related documentation is entered into the CSTC database in a timely manner. She works closely with our instructors and staff to ensure that they are properly prepared for their daily tasks and is the point person for all internal proprietary business.






Rebekka HaasRebekka Haas
Written Programs Manager

As our Written Programs Manager, Rebekka will be able to assist you in implementing a variety of state required business documents. Rebekka is especially adept at comprising Injury & Illness Prevention Programs (IIPP), Lock-Out/Block-Out/Tag-Out written procedures, Spill Prevention & Countermeasures Control (SPCC), and Hazardous Materials Business Plans for upload to the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS) website.


Clarissa RamirezClarissa Ramirez
Executive Office Assistant

Clarissa is a great asset to our office, helping out everywhere she can. She is usually busy assisting clients in our office or helping solve many of the questions we get over the phone. She is great at following-up after a class or project to make sure all aspects are fully completed and accurate. Additionally, Clarissa helps our training staff by preparing them for their long trips on the road, by making sure they have all the materials they need to deliver a quality class.



Jacie CastellonJudy Deval
Administrative Assistant

Judy is a positive addition to our team. Her role includes but is not limited to: ensuring all of our training's are prepared with all the resources and materials our instructors need to deliver a professional learning experience to our students, to ensure they leave the class, filled with knowledge and confidence to perform their jobs safely. 



Martin BanuelosMartin Banuelos
Certified Training Instructor / Workplace Safety Auditor

Martin is a great asset to our CSTC family. Martin often aids with the translating of our many documents. His knowledge with the subject matter is immediately apparent when he is instructing. Some of his favorite classes to teach include Pesticide Hazard Communication, Confined Space, and Sexual Harassment. He is also very knowledgeable and thorough when performing a “Program Audit and Safety Inspection.”



Noel EsquedaNoel Esqueda
Certified Training Instructor / Workplace Safety Auditor

Noel’s background with machinery and equipment enables him to provide in-depth safety training and highly proficient workplace inspections. Being bilingual, Noel is able to provide safety training on a variety of different topics in both English and Spanish. In addition, Noel is especially helpful when it pertains to our “Program Audit & Safety Inspections.” Noel’s proficiency with workplace safety regulations has made him a highly valued member of the CSTC team.



Roger VosburgRoger Vosburg
Program Audit Safety Inspection Manager

Roger has taken the role as our Program Audit and Safety Inspection Manager. Working closely with our safety team to streamline our “PASI” program for speed, accuracy, and efficiency to deliver the most accurate and detailed inspection possible to our clients. Roger is a great asset to our CSTC family. He is a considerable contributor as his background and exposure to farming, auto, and diesel mechanics and automated machines give him a unique attention to detail when performing on-site inspections. Roger is always ready to talk about any and all safety concerns and answer any questions our clients have.



Uvaldo GarciaUvaldo Garcia
Certified Training Instructor / Workplace Safety Auditor

Uvaldo comes to CSTC with a safety background that bridges several different industries including agricultural, forestry, oilfields, and fitness and wellness. Uvaldo has not only worked to deliver safety and training in these fields but brings years of hands-on knowledge and experience. Uvaldo brings his experience, knowledge, and bi-lingual skills to helping our clients achieve a great safety culture, and training that is both engaging and informative.



Our bilingual (English/Spanish) instructors deliver information and use various motivational techniques to facilitate the learning of various safety processes. Through our training methods, your employees will gain a heightened level of awareness and qualifying expertise. Our goal is for each student to USE the practical safety principles from our classes. CSTC instructors are dedicated, educated, and practiced in the difficult art of training, entertaining, and influencing the behavior of the workers.

Each CSTC employee has an area of focus, and they strive to be a main resource for that chosen area. Cross training among the staff ensures updated and consistent delivery of the curriculum.