We have a lot of great trainers here at CSTC. We wanted to do some interviews so you could get to know them better.
Our third interview we thought was fitting to meet the Terra Laverty, daughter of the founder of CSTC Ben Laverty III.

Transcript below

What is your name?
Hi, I'm Terra Laverty with California Safety Training

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Bakersfield. I was originally born in Idaho, Grew up in Bakersfield, I lived a couple other places, but mostly here.

What did you do before Safety Training? Do you think it helps you as a trainer?
Well, before safety training, I was an adolescent, since I grew up in the business. I also have, I am an elementary school teacher, so along the  way I got my credential, and I used that, the skills that I've learned in teaching, I use every day

What lead you into Safety Training?
We were farmers growing up and then my dad, Ben Laverty, founded California Safety Training. I got into the business through family.

What are your strengths as a Safety Trainer?
As a safety trainer, the biggest strength that I have is, my passion for it and my love of people. Wanting to help people be safe, is the biggest strength that I have.

What are you doing to become a better Safety Trainer?
I continue to do continuing education, go to conferences, take classes. So learning from other people and professionally doing formal classes is the best way to continue your learning, always!

What Classes do you teach most often? What is your favorite class to teach?
The classes that I teach most often. Most often, CPR is my baby near and dear to my heart. That is a huge class that is important for all of us to take. So I teach that the most and then it goes to hazard communications. My favorite class to teach, is the class that I teach the most, which is CPR first aid. And the reason why is, I know the benefit of it and the confidence in being trained personally, since I was 12, that knowing that we can use it in the day to day and hopefully never have to use the CPR part but the first-aid part is you're just going to use it. Guys we're human.

Tell us about an event during your time as a safety trainer, you will never forget
Well I do accident investigations. My first incident that I was on-site and then looking at photos after, and knowing if that person would have been trained and hopefully would have been following the safety procedures, the incident it was a tractor incident, wouldn't have occurred and it just really impacted my life and knowing the reason behind why we do what we do.

If you could pass on any wisdom to your friends and family, from your Safety Training, what would you share?
The wisdom that I would like to pass on is, remember common sense. Just because we have all of these fail safes in place, doesn't mean that you shouldn't trust your gut and do what you know you should,  on a day-to-day basis, in whatever you're doing. Whether it's driving or looking out at the horizon, that you know look at what's around you, be aware.

What is your Dream Vacation
My dream vacation, is a quiet week, on my favorite island around Hawaii. Just having some calm and peace and with the people that I love.

What is one of your hidden Talents?
For me, I would say that one of my hidden talents, is I actually like to craft and do projects around the house. Enjoy some of the more creative side that I don't get to use, as much in my field, on a day-to-day basis. 

Something that I don't know if I would say is a hidden talent, there's something that many people that don't know about me, on a personal basis as much, is that I love to run. I've done five marathons across Catalina Island and I love to do the Ragnar overnight relays event. I do at least one a year so I would say that's something that not everybody knows.

What would you like to tell all of CSTC's Clients?
To all of my current CSTC clients, what I like to tell them is "thank you" for taking the time and effort and money that it, that you bring, that you spend and bring in our way. That safety is important, make sure to do your safety training, make sure to not only depend on us but work with us and continue to communicate and if you have any questions that, call and we can always check it out.