What is HAM? 

The purpose of this course is to allow operators to drive a vehicle which requires a Class C license while transporting placardable quantities of Hazardous Materials (HM) and Hazardous Waste (HW), without a HAZMAT endorsement. CSTC certifies that the following attendees have been trained and tested on the training requirements set forth in Title 49 CFR Part 172 which includes: General Awareness/Familiarization, Function Specific, Table of Hazardous Materials and Special Provisions, Shipping Papers, Marking, Labeling, Placarding, Emergency Response Information, Safety and Security Awareness Plans and Training.   

Does my Physician have to sign my medical questionnaire?  

Medical questionnaires are issued at our HAM classes and have some basic questions regarding applicant’s health history. DMV wants to make sure the applicants can drive safely without medical conditions in which could put other drivers at risk or in danger. People often think that the medical questionnaires must be filled out by the doctor and that’s not true. The applicants Physician does not have to sign any medical questionnaires. The only thing applicants need from their Physicians are; Physicians name, address, phone and last time Physician was visited. It is very important that applicants renew their questionnaire every 2 years, if fail to do, HAM certificate will cancel.  

How long is my HAM certification good for?  

There has been recently new changes and new material added to our HAM class. In the past, HAM certificates were issued for 4 years. With all the new changes done by CHP, our new HAM certification is valid for 3 years.  It is very important for applicants to remember on renewing your health questionnaire. Health Questionnaires are issued at the end of class and are only good for 2 years. If applicants “forget” to renew their Health Questionnaire, your HAM certification automatically cancels. Health Questionnaires are available at DMV, DMV website and at CSTC.  

Who issues my HAM Certificate? And How much does it cost?  

In the past our instructors teaching HAM courses would issue certificates to applicants who passed a written test. With new changes added to our class, CSTC no longer issues a HAM Certificates. There is a new process CSTC instructors must follow in order for an applicant to receive their certifications. The new process consists of instructors helping applicants filling out applications in which they get mailed to CHP for review. After review is conducted, CHP will then mail HAM certificates to applicants mailing or P.O. Box address. Once applicants received HAM certificate by mail, applicants have 10 business days to go to DMV and pay a $12 fee. Remember, if you “forget” to go do DMV within 10 days, your HAM certificate is no longer valid and will need to take class course again.     


For more information – vist the eCFR website link below. 
Section 172.704(a) of Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 

For more information on this or any general safety question or concern please feel free to contact us at CSTC. Our team of knowledgeable instructors and inspectors are available to assist you.  
As always folks have a great and safe day.