______________ Infectious Disease Outbreak Response Plan

This ______________ Response Plan is intended to protect workers and ensure continuity of operations in case of an infectious outbreak specifically at this time, COVID-19. It is critical that all sick employees not come to work and while at work, healthy workers should utilize good personal hygiene habits to prevent the spread of this virus. Of particular concern is coughing etiquette, and handwashing practices. (Please see ______________ Code of Safe Practice for Hand Hygiene) Coughing etiquette should include covering all coughs, ideally with a disposable tissue, and if not available, cough into your elbow. Shared services tools such as door and drawer handles, keyboards etc., should be routinely cleaned to prevent cross-contamination and spread of the virus.

  1. This infectious disease outbreak response plan is a living document and as such, will need to be adjusted for new findings and facts for each specific location. This includes construction and office facilities in ______________.
  2. Each geographic area will need to utilize the current management supervisory structure of the company to get feedback and give communication concerning this plan, and online email discussion will be utilized to identify gaps and share best practices amongst the sites.
  3. The plan will be shared with all employees using electronic means, to reduce the potential for exposure.
  4. ______________ intends to coordinate and share this plan with supply chain business associates, other businesses in close proximity, and organizations who would benefit by coordinating with ______________ .This will be completed by management and assigned personnel at each location.
  5. It is critical to identify potential workplace exposures. A workplace exposure can occur due to any contact with an infected person, or by cross contact with the virus from any object that has been contaminated. It is also important to comply with correct personal hygiene practices.
  6. Human resource policies are intended to be flexible to allow limited personal contact and exposure, in particular when personnel are assessed to be in the high or medium risk ranking (see risk assessment summary based on CDC document).
  7. Flexible work locations, work hours, and attention to physical proximity to others. Remote work if any symptoms are present. Symptoms include fever, coughing, and or difficulty breathing. Testing information technology capabilities before they are needed is important to business continuity. ______________ will test these capabilities at the appropriate location before they are needed.
  8. ______________ will review supply chain and critical business needs to identify potential weaknesses, particularly associated with absent employees. Each site should monitor/review the workflow and establish where weaknesses lie and mitigate these areas.
  9. ______________ will set up triggers and procedures for activating and terminating the Infectious Disease Outbreak Response Plan including the altering of or closing of operations in affected areas. Critical business knowledge will be shared with key employees, and each site will work closely with local health officials to identify when the plan needs to be triggered.
  10.  ______________ will minimize exposure between employees and between employees and the public if public health officials call for social distancing.
  11. The response plan information will be communicated to employees and business partners and updated early and often to alleviate employee fear, anxiety, rumors and misinformation. ______________ will plan to minimize hysteria and overreaction to this critical situation.
  12. Some ______________ locations and sites will have employees whose children or family members will need to be cared for at home and ______________ will work to have flexible work from home policies.
  13. Each location will have local public health officials who are creating community level strategies ______________ will take the time to learn about the plans in each community where they have locations. This will be coordinated by employee, management and supervisory personnel at each location.
  14. Nonessential business travel to countries where evidence of a COVID-19 outbreak is occurring will be canceled when possible.
  15. Local and state health department will be accessed for communication and information concerning this outbreak. Management at each site will coordinate or delegate calls or emails to local health department officials.

Thank you for reviewing and giving feedback on this important infectious disease outbreak response plan.

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