In this video, Ben IV Laverty discusses the electronic reporting of OSHA 300 Logs for California, that is a requirement starting July 1st 2018.


Hi, my name is Ben Laverty I'm with California Safety Training Corporation. We're recording this video today to talk about the requirement for electronic reporting of OSHA 300 logs from the federal government. This is new stuff  in terms of 2016 for the country and California has been not required to report until this year and it was determined on April 30th that by July 1st of this year all of California should report their OSHA 300 logs as long as they met the standard. That tended to be for us it tended to be most of our clients specifically in agriculture construction and manufacturing who have more than 20 employees are required to report this OSHA 300 log.

That was a fair number of people. A bit of a surprise because so far we've been waiting for California to determine their own reporting system and then the federal government has come back and said nope, please report use the federal system. 

It's pretty straightforward reporting if you fill out a OSHA 300 logs you need to go in do the electronic reporting and complete that within the system. It's a little bit of a surprise and in a you know we changed the rules as we go along at the same time for the most part if you already have your OSHA 300 logs which are required to be posted this spring then it shouldn't be a huge inconvenience to take them and electronically report them on on the federal government website by July 1st 

Thanks for listening in I hope it made it a little more interesting and have a great and safe day talk to you soon