CSTC is more than a training company, we are a service company. Delivering the best service to our customers ( you ) means a lot to us. To achieve this, we are working hard with new technologies to give you more information, more accurate information, and more timely information.

CSTC Safety Management System is the next step in giving you better service, by giving you a tool to access this information directly.


CSTC Safety Management System allows your administrative users to login and manage your employee list. As an Admin for your company, you will see all of the employees we have trained, and be able to remove employees that are no longer with your company. You can check, validate and update information for existing employees as well.

Ensuring we have all the relevant information about your employees makes our job easier to deliver the service you deserve and require.
If you would like to update your employee information in bulk, please talk to us, and we’d be happy to do a batch update from one of your existing systems... but CSTC Safety Management System allows you to easily update your individual employee information.

With CSTC Safety Management System available to your company administrators now, we can continue to add features like training registration, grades and passing information, pdf of sign in sheets, reports, CSTC Safetrack updates and more.

Try it today
If you are listed as an Admin for your company, please visit https://manage.cstc.com/ and click reset password to generate a new password to access CSTC Safety Management System. For security reasons, we cannot tell you if your email address is listed as an admin or not through the password reset system. If you do not get an email, please call us, and we'll confirm if we have you listed as an admin or not for your company.



Are you a company that has multiple locations? Are you a consultant that manages multiple companies? CSTC Safety Management System allows you to easily switch from company to company while logged in.

We would love feedback on using this tool, and insight into what tools and features would make your job easier, managing your company and employees’ safety & safety training.

We're excited about what the future holds, hope you like this tool

CSTC Staff