The December 1st Hazard Communication with GHS provisions training is approaching!!

Are you ready? Check out our online training program.

If online training does not meet your needs, please call our office at 661-377-8300 and someone in our staff will schedule an in person training session.

Hazard Communication with GHS Provisions is: 
the "RIGHT TO KNOW" about chemicals in the workplace.

This course contains the following main sections:

  1. Hazard Communication
  2. Hazard Communication Standard
  3. GHS: Classification and Labeleing of Chemicals
  4. GHS: Hazard Classification
  5. First Aid for Exposure
  6. Comparison of Labels and MSDS's
  7. How to Recognize Hazardous Waste
  8. Fire and Fire Extinguisher Safety
  9. Heat Stress Prevention